Log Rot Replacement

There are many reasons why log rot occurs. The two most common are incorrect building procedures and more often, a poor choice of stain.

Improper over hangs and decks built on walls with minimal sun exposure are two of a few structural areas that can lead to log damage. Proper precautions must be taken in these situations so that they do not negatively affect the exterior of your log home. Structurally, some log rot areas must be repaired. Depending on where the log rot is occurring, this type log rot replacement can become very expensive.

As for stains, most stains that are purchased at your local hardware shop are insufficient to protect logs and siding. Some contain a resin which when applied will seal the logs and not allow moisture to escape. It is like putting a plastic bag over your logs and when moisture enters the check cracks (especially in Scandinavian Log Homes) these logs will start to deteriorate from the inside with no visible exterior signs of rot. The only indication of a problem is usually the darkening of the log and stain and at this point the extent of the rot will not be fully known until work begins to remove all the pungent rotted wood.

Mold can also form (as you will see in the proceeding photos) which can be a major health hazard and there is the possibility that the rot will attract insects which will feed and nest in theses areas. To avoid this, call us for a full log home purchase consultation. If you decide to restore an existing home then let us help you from start to finishing so that you can maintain a trouble free home. You should only have to pay for a log home restoration once if it is done correctly. It all starts with choosing the right contractor.

In our gallery there are photos of some of the restoration work we have done. We've also included a project that illustrates the consequences of a poor choice of contractor.